3/4 Done

I was on the fence about what to focus on with August and September having zipped by, the end of another quarter of this year coming up, and reaching the final stretch of doing this no buy year. So, bear with me on this mish-mash of topics:

So I bought something:

My goal at the beginning of starting this blog was to do with accountability, and that I would address slip ups as they happen. I went back and forth (a lot) on whether I should make this be known, and I suspect that’s part of what added to the avoidance in prioritizing writing this month (other than being super busy with work). That being said, what I bought were two pairs of shorts – one set that are sweat shorts, the other are simply matchy-matchy to other stuff that I own and I know I can get a lot of wear out of them. The pairs of shorts that I own otherwise are all a similar cut and style and made of the same material, and the ones I use for sleep have a torn pocket and a waistband that has given out (purchased in 2015, they owe me nothing). Could I have tried to find a thrift alternative or waited for a clothing swap to try to find shorts like these? Sure. However, these were bought from a specific location (sorry for being vague, but it’s related to work stuff and keeping that anonymous), and would not be able to be purchased elsewhere. In the grand scheme of things, these pairs of shorts are not earth-shatteringly important that were I to go without, I would be in a state of misery without them. At the same time, this is the last time (ever) that I would be going to the location, so that was taken into consideration as well. I think the main thing that I’m taking away from this is that, after having worn the sweat shorts at least 10 times already, they are filling the void I otherwise wasn’t acknowledging – of having drooping shorts that don’t make me feel good in my clothing.

And then decluttered some more:

On the same theme of going with what fits me – both in size and style – I have some more stuff I’ve let go from my closet. These are a combination of stuff I thrifted but doesn’t match what I wear all that much (as in, one total wear for the whole year), stuff I don’t reach for, and something that just doesn’t fit. I have a post in the works to talk about all the stuff I got tailored recently, which will make sense of why that’s the mindset that I’m in right now, and that I don’t feel like having to force myself to wear something that doesn’t make me feel great.

And now for the rest of the year?

I have one item in mind for the wishlist, which I’ll be asking for for my birthday. It’s a pair of navy opera gloves to match my ball gown for the ball I attend in November. Other than that, I’m more than set with what I have, and unsurprisingly, I still have enough body products to get me through to the end of the year. There might be some stuff that I ask for for gift exchanges – mint tea, lip balm – that I regularly use and have reached the bottom of my stockpile, but beyond that, I’m good.

Thanks for reading, and here’s hoping for a more regular posting schedule! 😛


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