The short version of what this blog is about: I have a lot of stuff, I want less, and I want to be intentional about it.

The wordier version:
Prior to 2020, I would shop for fun, in person and online. I also enjoy bargain hunting, and I like arts and crafts, so it’s been a short trip to filling up my living space with more crafting supplies than a local Michael’s. I tend to collect a lot of materials for a hobby or interest at the early stages, whether that’s 11 crochet hooks or 22 sticker booklets for agendas, and there’s plenty of evidence in my home of my interests over time.

In 2020, I shopped online (a lot), and the overlap was blurred between shopping for fun, necessities, and treating myself (which was rationalized as a separate category from “for fun”). I was at the very early stages of learning about financial literacy, barely knew how to budget, and had an oft-forgotten expense tracker. I didn’t have a specific goal for my spending, so it was understandably all over the place. I took some time to learn about decluttering, frugal habits, emotional spending, and listening to personal accounts of others’ journeys through changing their habits. 

In 2021, I made more of an effort to keep an eye on my spending, set concrete and sustainable goals for myself, and continue to learn more about the lifestyle changes I wanted to make. I started using colour-coded calendars to track spend-days and days I’d been physically active, as well as keeping track of short-term goals week to week in my agenda. Around October 2021, I found out about No Buys/Low Buys through various youtube creators and thought about giving it a try, so I did a soft start in November and December (I’d finished my holiday shopping early, thankfully!) to see how I would fare. I have an abundance of clothing, accessories, hobby-related stuff, and body care products, and I want to use them more intentionally and less like they’re disposable.

Which brings us to now and what I’m planning to use the blog for: tracking my No Buy for 2022 to keep myself accountable, documenting what I’m learning along the way, resources I find helpful, short-term for-fun challenges (a month or shorter), changes that I notice over the course of the challenge, any difficulties or barriers I face, as well as a walkthrough of the philosophy/perspective I have about what goes on throughout the year. I want to keep this a judgement-free reflection, and have fun along the way 🙂

Thanks for reading!